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  • Footnote³: Alina Lupu

    Alina Lupu examines the ways in which conditions are set for participating in the economy, or how the economy is shaped, and who is thereby included or excluded, and as a consequence risks marginalization.
    For this Footnote The Input Party publishes the script of her audio essay Collision of the Past, inspired by an Input Party at the IISG in 2020.

  • Footnote²: Frank van der Stok

    Frank van der Stok works as a curator, editor and photo analyst. He is also part of research-based art cooperative Radical Reversability. As a contribution to our platform van der Stok went through thousands of photographs encapsulated in the archive of the Library of Congress.

  • Footnote¹: Anne-Laure Ruffin

    Anne-Laure Ruffin is an Amsterdam based artists who works with photography and drawing. For our Footnote series she made a research work as a reflection on the image wall that guides her when working in the studio.