The Input Party is an image event where artists share their referential image archives.


In these Input Parties we use images to relate to the artist’s reference, association and visual expression and by sharing our archives we learn in what way these images can be of value to the the artistic practice and to others.

We organise meet-ups between artists, workshops, site specific projects, studio visits and we collaborate with archival institutions to investigate the role of images in artistic research.


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In 2015 the Input Party was initiated by visual artist Rachel Sellem and image researcher Elki Boerdam. They both felt the need to continue the conversation about their practice after the academic setting. They started inviting groups of artistic practitioners to their studio and asked each participant to bring 10 printed referential images from their archives. By sharing these images we can find new connections, share references, gain insight in each other’s process and gather new input for our own practice. It has become a valuable tool for talking about complex concepts where the images guide us through the conversation.

Next to hosting different shapes and sizes of input parties, the past years The Input Party has been collaborating with the project Open Archief and its participants to gain insight in their approach of the archives.
In 2021 we launched Footnotes, a series of artistic contributions by some inspiring people from our Input Party network.

We are are also developing a reference database on our website where interesting links, tools, archives and databases can be found to encourage the use of images during the artistic process.

Up until now the Input Party has collaborated with institutions like: The International Institute of Social History, The Sandberg Institute, Open Archief (Het Nieuwe Instituut, IISG, Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld and Geluid) and Stadsherstel.


The Input Party is kindly supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts

previous participants:

Aafke Bouman
Aala Omer
Alice Wong
Alina Lupu
Andrea Galova
Andrea Gonzalez
Anne van Duuren
Anne-Laure Ruffin
Annosh Urbanke
Brigitte Jansen
Catalina Reyes
Clarinde Wesselink
Daria Kiseleva
Dayna Casey
Dennis ter Wal
Ellie Duinker
Femke Dekker
Giulia Shah
Jelmer Luyting
Jessica de Abreu
Jip van Steenis
Julia Bendeler
Julia Sokolnicka
Juliana Zepka
Lisa Sudhibhasilp
Lobke Leijser
Lotje van Lieshout
Majda Vidakovic
Maria Mazzanti
Mariana Jurado-Rico
Mariko Kuwahara
Michiel Huijben
Nastia Cistakova
Ot Lemmens
Pernilla Philip
Philippa Driest
Pia Jacques De Dixmude
Rosa Doornenbal
Serge Campo
Silvia Celiberti
Simpson Tse
Sophie Rogg
Tirza Kater
Ton Zwerver
Toni Brell
Vera Mennes
Vincent Knopper

Rachel and Elki
Rachel and Elki