update 2023:

The Input Party took a break

For the past two years the Input Party has taken a break from organising events and activities. Due to a store opening (Komok), a masters (F for Fact) and a baby, Rachel and Elki took some time off to focus on those ventures. But we are planning to return soon!

If you have any plans, collaboration or ideas that fit our concept please don’t hesitate to contact us on info [at] inputparty.nl.



In June of 2021 the Input Party launched the new series Footnotes. In this section of our website we invite inspiring people from the Input Party community to reflect on the artist’s image archive and how found footage can infiltrate the artistic proces.

For our third Footnote we invited artist and activist Alina Lupu to contribute to our platform. “A Collision with the Past” is a year-long attempt at approaching the history of the Kalenderpanden, a former squat located in the East of Amsterdam. The squat was in operation between 1996 and 2000, and, after its eviction, it was turned into luxury lofts.
The piece Lupu constructed uses archive material that the squatters from that time made available: a documented timeline of both the squatting and the eviction. It also tries to touch upon how the practice of squatting changed in the past decades, since the 2010 squatting ban, and weaves in and out of how one can still get access to the Kalenderpanden building, two decades after.

Also check out our other two Footnotes by Anne-Laure Ruffin and Frank van der Stok!

Open Archief 2022 participants at the IISG

Input Party Archive

This is the Input Party archive, in which we store left behind images of past Input Parties.