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The Speculative Archive

August 6, 2021

1. The Other Side of the Valley of the Shadow of Death [unstaged]
2. We Were All Wounded by Wounded Knee
3. Aero Meets Hydro
4. Asparagus Becomes Mushroom
5. A Small Click for a Camera, a Giant Leap for Technology
6. From 18 Hours Before Death to a Split Second
7. Preparing for Nuclear War?
8. Ansel Adams Avant la Lettre
9. The Unfinished One-Dollar-Sitting
10. Gold-Toned View
11. Metropolis 1.0
12. A Church as a House as a Church
13. Only God Knows Why They Were Framed Against a White Backdrop
14. Long Before the Bechers
15. Charles Marville, the Early Atget


In the image gallery you can find the original titles as stated in the Library of Congress.