Input Party at the Institute of Social History (IISG), Part 1

selecting images from the archive
tour of the archive by Thijs van Leeuwen
browsing the collection
part of the photo archive

The Input Party has collaborated with the IISG in Amsterdam. The institute has accommodated an Input Party at the institute and provided us with part of their photo collection as input.

The first part of this event was held in March 2020. We did a tour of the archive and were presented with boxes filled with beautiful photo material. From this, each participant selected seven images.

In part 2 the participants brought their seven images from the IISG archive and complemented them with seven images from their own referential image archives. This material guided us through a variety of interesting conversations.

Participants: Serge Campo, Andrea Galova, Alina Lupu, Julia Sokolnicka, Jip van Steenis, Lisa Sudhibhasilp and Majda Vidakovic.

Many thanks to Thijs van Leeuwen and the IISG for the collaboration!