Open Archief x The Input Party

The Input Party was invited by the project of Open Archief to host a meet-up for the participants of 2021 to activate the archive practice and investigate their image methodologies.

For this digital Input Party we met on SpatialChat to share images the participants came across while working on their projects and roaming the archives of the International Institute of Social History, Het Nieuwe Instituut and the Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision.

This led to a conversation on the identity of space, the sound and images of resistance, dealing with violent images and the conflict in repeating them and the emotive powers images can possess.

Participating artists:
Jessica de Abreu
Femke Dekker
Michiel Huijben

Open Archief is a multifaceted, collaborative research project that explores the beauty and innovation that can be inspired by making archival material accessible to artists for creative reuse.

The participating artists are given the opportunity to create a new, autonomous media work within a six-month working period, using the public and digitized collections of Het Nieuwe Instituut, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and the International Institute of Social History.
In June of 2021 the projects will be exhibited.

Many thanks to the artists and to the participating institutes.