Input Parties

The last few years we have been organizing Input Parties: meet-ups between artists to share and talk about our personal image archives.
For every meet-up we ask participants to each bring 10-15 printed images from their own referential image archive. These images are laid out on a table and become guides of the conversation about artistic process and practice.

By sharing these images we can find new connections, share references, gain insight in each other’s process and gather new input for our own practice. It has been a tool for talking about complex concepts of art in an accessible way.

The rules are simple:
– bring 10-15 images from your own collection
– images have to be printed
– no images of your own work
– at the end images can be taken home by other participants as new input
– the rest stays behind and will be filed in the Input Party archive

These Input Parties are open to anyone who wants to join and gather new input. Don’t hesitate to send us an email for any collaboration.