A Visual Conversation

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Input Party research project:
A Visual Conversation: 4 month work period

In 2017 seven artists came together over a period of four months to apply the methods of the Input Party to their work proces. In various meetings they experimented with different ways of having a visual conversation about the work they were developing. During this project the artists investigated notions such as: How do existing images take part in the artistic proces and which role do they play during the development of an artwork? In what way does communicating through images, rather than only through language, influence the conversation between artists? And how does this alternative form of communication affect the translation of a theory to visual expression?

The results of this project have been presented in an exhibition hosted by NEVERNEVERLAND at de Punt in Amsterdam in July 2017.

Participating artists:
Anne van Duuren (visual artist)
Byrthe Lemmens (graphic designer)
Dennis ter Wal (visual artist)
Elki Boerdam (image researcher)
Jelmer Luyting (interactive designer)
Lotje van Lieshout (visual artist)
Rachel Sellem (visual artist)

The exhibition A Visual Conversation was hosted by NEVERNEVERLAND at de Punt in Amsterdam in July 2017.

This project was kindly supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.