The Input Party is a research project about how personal referential image archives become part of the process of artists and designers.
The Input Party uses these images to relate to the artist’s association and visual expression and by sharing these archives with each other we learn in what way these random pictures can be of value to others.

In 2015 the Input Party was initiated by visual artist Rachel Sellem and image researcher Elki Boerdam. They both felt the need to continue the conversation about their work and about art after the academic setting. They invited varying groups of creators to their studio and asked each participant to bring 10-15 printed referential images from their own archives, which were placed on the table and functioned as guides of the conversation.

Since then, these Input Parties are organized sporadically. In 2017 the Input Party also realized a work period, in which seven artists developed new work through the Input Party method. This resulted in the exhibition A Visual Conversation, presented in exhibition space NEVERNEVERLAND in Amsterdam.

Currently the Input Party is planning an exciting new program as part of our research in which we will use our methods to investigate the image archive and will collaborate with different experts and institutions.


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